Aṣṭāṅga Holidays (kids welcome)

This intensive is part of a three weeks Ashtanga retreat in Stolzenhagen with Grischa:

Ashtanga holidays (6-13 July)

Ashtanga Teachers and Alignment Retreat (13-20 July)

Ashtanga Adjustment Training

(20-26 July)


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One week of daily practice, accommodation and full vegan/vegetarian board starting at 694€ (including early bird discount).

Join Grischa's amazing Ashtanga summer retreat in Stolzenhagen.
Improve your Ashtanga practice with daily Mysore style, pranayama, meditation and workshop classes.

Taubenblau is a wonderful seminar house in the beautiful Oderbruch area.

Step out of the wheel and dive into daily Yoga practice with a relaxing vacation - or go even deeper and sign up for following alignment intensive as well.
This retreat is kids friendly, we will have a kids program and child care during the first week!

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Ernst-Thälmann-Straße, 16248
06 Juli , Freitag 15:00

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