Berlin Food Art Week 2017

Berlin Food Art Week
Curated by Tainá Guedes/ Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Co-curated by Stephanie von Behr

7th to 14th July 2017

"contemporary art, food and community for positive social change"

The Berlin Food Art Week is a festival of food and contemporary art in Berlin taking place in one main

Location during the weekend 7-.9 of July and in different locations in Berlin, during the 10-14 of July.

Main Location Hallesches Haus
Official Opening on 7th of July, 7pm
Exhibition, Performances, Food Art and Party

We have a special focus on food sustainability, animals and human rights and environmental-social-economic issues, with the year theme “vs.Meat”.

Here you can find some articles and the promo video of Berlin Food Art Week

Over 20 exciting events, exhibitions, performances, dining experiences and workshops will gather together famous, as well as young and upcoming artists. For the entire week the visitors will have the opportunity to discover the intersection between the wide panorama of modern and contemporary art and the increasingly popular (healthy) food culture in Berlin. Through performances, dining events and exhibitions the festival will aim to present to Berlin how food can be the medium of artworks and how it can open a dialog between thoughts and emotions. The Berlin Food Art Week focuses on discovering the different connections between art and food by exploring the worlds of design, photography, collage, performance, food experiences and books related to this topic.


July 7

7pm Official Opening at Hallesches Haus

Perfomance by Sebastian Liljedahl

8pm prazlab, by Veronika Krenn and Vesela Mihaylova

10pm Opening Party

Playing: Alexandra Rodriguez, Gigi L’Imperatrice/ GodzillaOverkill + Dj Berlin Disaster

July 8

11am-6pm Exhibition opening times

11am-3pm Brunch/ Lunch by HH with special dish for BFAW

11:30 Awareness workshop with Foodadit

2:30 pm Performance by Iara Guedes

3pm Performance Frau Hue

5pm Panel: Future Meat with Hendrik Haase, Prof. Guido Ritter, Valentin Thurn, Sustainable Food Academy/ Denise Loga, and Abi Aspen Glencross

10pm Open Air Kino: Movie screening “10 Millarden wie werden wir satt” with presence of director Valentin Thurn

July 9

11am-6pm Exhibition opening times

11am-3pm Brunch/ Lunch by HH with special dish for BFAW

11am Kids workshop Pao Kitsch

11am Workshop with Alexandra Buck

3pm Kids Workshop “Taste of Forest” by Pati Keilwerth

4pm Stop Motion Workshop by Sarmishta Pantham

7pm Performance by Iara Guedes

8pm Dinner in collaboration artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Das Herbarium Leipzig

July 10

5pm Kids Workshop at Freche Freunde: “Taste of Forest”/ Dimitra Little Popup

7pm Drink Art! At Keith by artist Ken Wiatrek

7pm Dinner with Laura-Ximena Guerra at aptm

8pm Performance Iara Guedes, Tereza Guedes, Bia Goll at Raum Schwalbe

July 11

5pm Kids Workshop at Freche Freunde: “Taste of Forest” by Pati Keilwerth

7pm Dinner Prinzessinengärten with Ines Lauber

10:22 pm artist talk Uli Westphal at DAS KAPiTAL

July 12

5pm Kids Workshop at Freche Freunde: “Mandala” by Alexandra Buck

6pm Urban Spree Happy hour with performances

7pm Dinner and exhibition opening at Bosco Restaurant

7pm Dinner at Barkin’n Kitchen with Wild & Root

7pm ACUD MACHT NEU with Maracujá

July 13

5-10pm Lukas Julius Keijser at Street Food Thursday, Markthalle Neun

5pm Kids Workshop at Freche Freunde: USHI Workshop

7pm Dinner at Barkin’n Kitchen with Wild &Root

7pm Flesh vs. Flesh, Artist Talk at Momentum

8pm April Gertler at grüntaler9

July 14

5pm Kids Workshop at Freche Freunde: “Forgotten taste” by Pati Keilwerth

7pm Exhibition and Dinner at Ex-Berlin Anastasia Sharova and Srikant Singh “Chicken of the Brahmans”, Parusha Naidoo, Iuri Kothe, Stephanie Rittler, Jan Bernstein, Rebecca Lockwood, Robert Cabot

Closing party at Musikbrauerei

Theme: Meat production and The Forest

Exhibition and Performances by Chef Sophia Hoffmann, Ines Lechleitner, Iara Guedes, Mariana Zanetti, Tito Casal, Diane Merli,Samantha Leiva, Tainá Guedes and Jasmine Guffond and Chris Lloyd

Everyday Dinner at

Cookies Cream by Stephan Hentschel

Bosco Restaurant, Exhibition: Josephine Baker

Info point

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Open from monday 10.7 to Friday 14.7 11am to 4pm

Friendly supported by:
Rheinsberger Preussenquelle
Lemonaid ChariTea
Freche Freunde
Das Herbarium Leipzig
UFO Sound Studios
Weingut Karl Schaefer

Media Partners
sleek magazine
Himbeer Magazine
Berlin Art Link

Independent Collectors

Initiator of the FAW is Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, an interdisciplinary art space in Berlin, which researches and explores food in a cultural and social context.

More information are regularly updated on the FAW Facebook page

For press requests, please contact

Join us in Bologna Food Art Week - 22-24 of September Le Serre

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c/o Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Senefelderstr. 29, 10437
07 Juli , Freitag 12:00

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