Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional On-Site Workshop

We had such a great demand for our first Program in Germany, that we are bringing it back in 2018!

We are super excited to host this one of a kind learning experience with the fabulous Terry Ryan in 2018 at Ballwieser Animal Training!

The Dog Trainer Professional program National Format is for the

highly motivated dog trainer who is looking to advance his/her skills and career prospects to their highest levels. The program combines online learning with hands-on instruction. After completing the online portion of the course you will travel with your dog to the workshop location for integrated training, education, and certification assessment. This course will be taught in English. In an effort to set students up for success, an English proficiency test may be required for acceptance.

On-Site Workshop dates: 11-16 June, 2018

Apply anytime before December 4, 2017

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Königbergstr. 33, 82404
11 Juni , Montag 08:00

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