Monastery on Time · Kloster auf Zeit

Experience the daily life and training at the monastery together with the community (Sangha) of the Shaolin Temple Europe.
You will join the monastic life for one week (6 days) together with the community of the Shaolin Temple Europe. Besides the physical training, you will also join the meditation classes,

theory lessons and participate in the monastery ceremonies. You will also take part of the daily work which is done in the monastery and continously train yourself in the martial codex called "WuDe".
The classes and trainings will mainly be held by the masters of the Shaolin Temple Europe.
You can register for "Monastery on time" either for 1 or for 2 weeks. Your visit always starts on Monday and ends on Saturday (if you book 2 or more weeks the Sunday is included of course).
The tuition fee for „Monastery on time“ is 450, - Euro per week. Included in this fee are accommodation and food, training and education, etc .. For pupils, students, trainees, etc., with supporting evidence we can offer a discounted fee for 395, - Euro per week.
Please note that the travelling is not included in the fee.
For „monastery on time“ (Kloster auf Zeit) we have certain entry dates, that can be seen below. It is only possible to join / start monastery on time on these dates:
Entry dates for "Monastery on Time" in 2018 are:
8. January 2018
5. February 2018
5. March 2018
26. March 2018
2. April 2018
30. April 2018
28. May 2018
16. July 2018
6. August 2018
3. September 2018
8. October 2018
12. November 2018
10. December 2018
Our monastery is also english speaking.
Training clothing and equipment can be purchased directly at the monastery.
For registrations and more informations please visti our website or contact us directly:
Shaolin Temple Europe
Contact by Email:
Contact by phone: +49 (0) 6301 / 799 98 99

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