Namibian Independence 2018

The Namibian Cultural Association, the Association for Namibians in Europe hereby officially invites you to the 28th Namibian Independence celebration.
to take place in Hofbieber (end train Station Fulda) Germany, ca 1 hour from Frankfurt am Main.

It will take place on Weekend from Friday (23 March

2017 - 12H00) to Monday the (26 March 2017 - 12H00).
We have booked for 50 people, when there are more than 50 people, those people have to book hotels nearby.

Participation fee:

Adults = 150 €,
chidrens over 12 years = 50€
[for kids who cant share the bed with parents 50 € for the bed]
for those who goes the hotels = 100€ euro for participation

Deposit €50 before the30/ 11/ 2017 to avoid cancellation of the event

DEADLINE 15/01/2018

The places are very limited and we’ll only take the first pay. Payments can be done (the asso. bank acc. see below)
Once again your participation fee pays for your accommodation, food and drinks for the whole weekend.

Once again, it’s open to Namibians and non-Namibians alike.
We’ll send you other information pertaining to activities and programs later

IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
Association culturelle de Namibie
FR76 1950 6400 0000 0821 5238 865
swiftCode : AGRIFRPP895

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