Onslaught, Artillery live am 26.09.2017 im Roxy Concerts

Onslaught, Artillery live am 26.09.2017 im Roxy Concerts

Trash Metal vom Feinsten !!!!!!

Agentur EAM proudly presents ‘Thrash ‘till Deathʼ EU Tour 2017 featuring Onslaught and Artillery.
UK Thrash legends ‘Onslaughtʼ are one of the most explosive and controversial Metal bands ever to come out of the

UK. Releasing 3 now legendary albums in
the 80ʼs (Power from Hell / The Force / In Search of Sanity) they will be performing ʼThe Forceʼ in its entirety to celebrate the albumʼs 30th Anniversary.
Early 2016 saw the release of ‘Live at the Slaughterhouseʼ a live DVD that celebrated the power and raw intensity of an Onslaught show that was well
received by the public and critics alike. 2016 has also seen Onslaught as the first international thrash metal band to play Vietnam as well as touring China,
Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.
The Onslaught continues as relentless and hungry as ever! ‘The Forceʼ is back due to popular demand and the tour will be extended to Eastern EU this
December for the very last time!
Joined by Denmarkʼs Artillery who are easily appointed as one of Europeʼs earliest exponents of thrash metal, this tour will pay homage to the glory of
80ʼs Trash Metal.
After touring in China, Japan, South America and USA/Canada Artillery released their last offering ‘Penalty by Perceptionʼ in 2016. They are now back on the
road celebrating the 30th Anniversary of ‘Terror Squadʼ. When heavy metal is played by musicians who are dedicated 100%, the genre
can reach a level of passion, feeling and sheer raw power like no other. Join us for an unforgettable journey fused with abrasive brutality, technicality and
remarkable riffs which have defined the development of Trash Metal through the years.






Kommen am 26.09.17

> > > > nach Flensburg !!!
> > >
> > > > ins
> > > > Roxy Concerts
> > > > Mergenthalerstr.6
> > > > 24941 Flensburg
> > > >
> > > > Vorverkauf : 18 Euro
> > > > Abendkasse : 25 Euro

Einlass : 19:00 Uhr

Beginn : 19:30 Uhr

hotline : 0461-1687999 , 0461-1687998 , 0461-588120

Vorverkaufstellen :

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alle Moin Moin vvk-stellen , Komm4Buy Friesische Straße und in Paschis Kiosk (Harrisleer Straße 39)

und natürlich auch im internet !

über : www.billetnet.dk für unsere dänischen Gäste

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Mergenthalerstraße 6, 24941
26 September , Dienstag 19:00

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