Reverend Beat-Man + Sister Nicole Izobel Garcia



Primitive Preacher-Gospel-Trash-Rock´n´Roll One-Man Band Wahnsinn aus der Schweiz. Hallelujah, ihr Sünder, geht auf die Knie und betet! All

zu viele Worte zu verlieren, hieße wohl "Bibeln nach Rom zu tragen", denn der Schweizer REVEREND BEAT-MAN dürfte eigentlich jedem Rock & Roll-Interessierten bekannt sein, und zwar als Sänger und Gitarrist, sowie auch als Betreiber von Voodoo Rhythm Records. Release Show zur neue Beat Man Platte!

“He’ll make your back crack, your liver quiver, and your knees freeze. And if you don’t dig that you’ve got a hole in your soul, so let’s give a big warm welcome for the Rev, your Beat-Man, everybody’s Blues Trash Preacher, the fabulous Reverend Beat-Man”
Born in 1967 a year before the summer of hate, makes his first recordings as a 13 year old under the name Taeb Zerfall and putting it out on his own Zerfall Tapes label.. then 1986 founded the Monsters, and in 1984 changing the name from Taeb Zerfall to Lightning Beat-Man the Wrestling one man show.. and then 1999 changed his name to REVEREND BEAT-MAN, 1992 founding the voodoo rhythm label.
Reverend Beat-Man is not only a One Man band it is A MISSION an Mission for the Blues Trash church.. with only a Guitar a Kick Drum 1 Hi Hat and a microphone Reverend Beat-Man tells you story’s about Dead, the Live about killing and about the lost love and about seeing the Light ..this is kinda a new way to preach the Gospel to the people, it’s all very raw and primitive with a lot of Blues Trash and Primitive Rock’n’Roll and Gospel music in it.. and HE PREACHES !!! believe me brothers and sisters he will bring you on the wrong track of live and then gets you back to the blues trash church !!!
Reverend Beat-Man use to play lots of shows so far.. such as Jazz Festival Montreux (CH) Rock oz Arenes (CH), Eurokeen (FR) Dour (B),.Las Vegas Grind (USA) Frat Shack (UK), many tours and gigs in: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, the USA ( CBGB’s, Maxwells and others) Brazil (black jack and many others) , Argentina (BA Stomp and many others) , Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Japan (shelter and many many others) and the UK
Reverend Beat-Man sells his records all over the globe and has over 30 out puts with him alone and with the several bands he plays in (the Monsters, die Zorros, the Coronets, Lightning Beat-Man ) produced several Videos all extremely strange and weird, plays also with backing bands or doing performances in churches Theatres and Galleries.

SISTER NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA Born and raised in the cookie-­‐cutter suburbs LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 1991 daughter of an American Harvard alumni and a Mexican lawyer. Nicole found escape in the world of dirty late-­‐night music and parties much too young “Multi-­‐instrumentalist and vocalist. Classically trained clarinet player. Los Angeles has heard the sound of Nicole Izobel’s sultry voice crooning 1920’s jazz as well as the screeching of her 1960’s Farfisa in LIVING SICKNESS a local garage-­‐punk band.

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Gleis 22, Hafenstr. 34,, 48153
07 Juni , Donnerstag 01:00

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