Rotenburg, Wümme, Bremen, De - Liebe und Dankbarkeit 2018

Referent: Felizitas Turner; 0049 160 94938071

We celebrate in joy and in communion of purpose the Day of Love and Gratitude on 24 June 2018. This event is born from the desire to create together a world founded on the power of Love and Gratitude in solidarity and cooperation among

human beings for the good of humanity and the planet.

Recognizing the profound sense of belonging to the human family, in the deep respect of Mother Earth and of all the species that inhabit it, we unite in a synergistic network of pure and luminous intentions to expand the high vibrations on the planet. The connection to ourselves arises from our heart and is strengthened by the grounding of Mother Earth and by the collective focused thought. When Love flows from one to another, it generates positive cascading changes into every human being, elevating our consciousness of divine beings.

Only when we are united, the power of hearts is amplified, manifesting at the same time the will to live in high vibrations. Every time we increase our frequency, we imprint the reality of grace and luminosity, physically manifesting the reality we desire in our hearts. In the awareness of our power as co-creators, of our human and spiritual nature, we are united in a single heart that beats in unison to bring light and awareness to every place on the planet.

THE GREAT DAY OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE is a moment of profound union of our hearts, in the conscious faith that opens a new path of human evolution in harmony with Mother Earth. On this day, we connect to our heart and to the hearts of all humanity, shifting the consciousness from the mind to the heart.

Accepting our lives with love and gratitude, we take the responsibility for the creation of our reality through thoughts, words, intentions, emotions, gestures and actions, by addressing water an element that embodies the Life. Water is the most precious resource on the planet: nourishes life, crosses and holds Mother Earth and is the main component of our bodies compounds of over 70% water. With love and gratitude, we ask for forgiveness for each individual and collective emanation that did not respect life, Mother Earth and ourselves. Through our breath, we return to the center of ourselves, in openness of the heart we give Thanks.

In connection with Mother Earth, we perceive our feet firmly planted on the ground. In listening to our breath we begin to center ourselves in our heart, thanking for the gift of existence. We inhale Love, we exhale Gratitude. We visualize the roots that grow from our feet and sink deep into the Earth. We ask permission to get in touch with the subtlest energies, perceiving the heart of Mother Earth, her heartbeat. We bring its energy to our heart, placing the left hand on our chest. In the perception of the terrestrial energy that flows from the feet and expands throughout our body, we connect to the Sun, recalling the source of inner light in each of us. We bring solar energy to the center of our heart, placing on the chest the right hand above the left. As we become the point of confluence of the two terrestrial and solar energies, we expand from our center this fusion of complementary energies with Love and Gratitude. Our heart radiates energy like a sun, propagating pure light around itself. We connect as many points of light to the other hearts of our humanity that become a single luminous heart that radiates light on humanity and on Mother Earth.

At the opening of the heart we root like a tree that sinks its roots into the Earth, until we become the tree itself. In the Earth a drop nourishes life in us, from the sky a drop nourishes our upward development, our evolution in the continuous search of the Sun. From the union of these two drops merging into a river that leads us to the sea, we become the drop that flows into the water that contains it. We become fluid like water, by flowing into the sea. In the sea we call the whales and we listen to their sweet and soft chants that awaken the memories of who we really are, opening ourselves to the memories of Mother Earth. We watch the whales, until we become one of them. In connection with ourselves, we open ourselves to accepting our Sense of Existence on the planet Earth for our full realization as divine beings incarnated on the physical plane. We thank for the gift received and we turn to the Water to extend our prayer of forgiveness and blessing. In connection with all the hearts of humanity, assuming full responsibility for every word, every gesture, every thought, every action, every emotion, we bless every sea, every river, every torrent, every lake, every water that flow on our planet up to the smallest drop of water so that it can return to flow clear and pure on Mother Earth.
So It Is.

We are many small drops but every drop combined with the other forms the whole ocean. Join the wave of Change in the high vibrations of Love and Gratitude!

We thank the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto for documenting the ability of water to store memories in the form of harmonic crystals in case of positive vibrations and for having left us the water prayer ( videos / 959384310827552 /). We thank the non-profit organization Emoto Peace Project for the collaboration on the distribution of the "Message from Water" children's booklet, in order to educate children about the awareness of water ( We also thank the American research institute HeartMath for documenting the most powerful energy field in our body that is located in the human heart ( The electromagnetic field, formed by our heart, reproduces the planet's electromagnetic field in scale, highlighting the profound connection with Mother Earth and with every form of life in the mathematical and geometrical perfection of our universe. We thank scientific researcher Roger Nelson for documenting the effects on human consciousness of the events of Love and Gratitude in the Global Consciousness Project ( We thank the staff of Be the Change “Essere il Cambiamento”, the translators, the musicians and singers Sherden Overtone Choir ( and Nicola SonoSuono ( and all those that make this marvelous event possible every year.
You you want to become organizer in your city please send us an email to

Please Note: bring a water bottle with the words Love and Gratitude, and mats, seats, meditation pillows to be comfortable.


• Japanése 日本の: "Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Kori kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Nari natta" 宇宙の 無限の 力が 凝り凝って 真の 大和の み世が 生り成った
• Italiano: "Il Potere Eterno dell'Universo si è riunito per creare un mondo di vera e grande armonia"
• English: "The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world of true and great harmony"
• Español: "El poder eterno del Universo se ha reunido para crear el mundo de verdadera y grande harmonia."
• Français: "Le pouvoir éternel de l'univers s'est rassemblé pour créer un monde de vérité et de grande harmonie."
• Deutsch: "Die unendliche Kraft des Universums hat sich vereint, um eine Welt wahrer und großer Harmonie zu erschaffen"
• Português: "O poder eterno do universo reuniu-se para criar o mundo de verdadeira e grande harmonia."
• Românesc: "Puterea eternã a Universului sa unit pentru a crea o lume de o adevãratã si mãreatã Armonie."
• Sveska: "Universums eviga kraft har samlats sig själv för att skapa en värld av sann harmoni."
• Chinese 中國語文: "Yǔzhòu zhōng yǒnghéng de lìliàng huìjù shì wèile chuàngzào chū zhēnzhèng dà héxié de shìjiè" 宇宙中永恒的力量汇聚是为了创造出真正大和谐的世界

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