Secret Garden mit JAY LUMEN / Drumcode

Secret Garden mit JAY LUMEN

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Jay Lumen... Music is part of his life since his childhood years. He learnt music in conservatory for eight years, which provided a good basis to his ambition of making music.
This ambition

appeared very early, during the schooldays, when he started to turn compositions of classic authors to his own style, rather than playing the original versions of them. Although he was educated to play on a classic instrument - violin - he early recognized that his desire of creative work would not be realized with this kind of instrument. By getting his first computer, he immediately started to make his ideas to be heard. In the meantime he got to know the synthetizator in the way of self-education also, and as he obtained the newest technologies and softwares, he developed himself with them and got more and more closer to the sounding in which he felt himself familiar.
Nowadays, Jay Lumen is one of the most quickly developing new generation DJ/producers. As a producer he has nine No1, twentyfour Top10, and several Top20 charted tunes till now. His releases are coming out at the best international labels just like Drumcode (Adam Beyer’s label), Saved (Nic Fanciulli’s label), OFF Recordings, 100% Pure, Octopus Records, Cadenza, etc. He was the only one DJ/Producer in 2010 and 2011 who had 6 tunes (originals and remixes as well) on the Beatport's top chart at the same time and he did it again in 2012 as well.
In 2012 all his new releases and remixes have jumped to the Top10 charts of Beatport ! He is unique by this record all around the world just like in 2013 and it seems he continues this way in 2014 as well!

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Sigmaringer Straße 146, 72458
02 Juni , Samstag 22:00

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