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Hier ein Einblick für die Gäste die zum ersten mal auf eine Veranstaltung von uns kommen.

Spirit of Moksha Videos


Oliver Stoll Ov Silence Muisic

Viele kennen ihn nur aus dem Juice Club oder Summer Opening
und Closing , aber Oli hat weit aus mehr für die Scene gemacht als den meisten heute noch bewusst ist...
Ich kann mich täuschen, aber als Oli damals das Traxx eröffnet hat, haben sich Künstler wie Shiva Chandra, Fabio,Benni Moon,Neelix,Audiomatic, Bitmonx ,Day Din , Nok , Bazooka , Magical und viele mehr dort erst kennen gelernt und das Traxx als erste Plattform genutzt. .Könnte sogar sein das der eine oder andere heute ganz andere Wege eingeschlagen hätte...
Oli ist bisher auch einer der wenigsten die es schaffen in Hamburg einen Club über Jahre zu halten...
Hamburg hat leider nicht viel Auswahl...
Außerdem ist Oli ein sehr ehrlicher Mensch, sagt seine Meinung
und hat auch immer mal ein Ohr für jemanden ...
Wir freuen uns das Hamburger Uhrgestein mit an Bord zu haben.
Zu seinen Sets , muss ich wohl nicht viel zu sagen.
Bum Bum Bum :)


20 Years of Techno, Trance and Party!.. ..My first contact to electronic music was while the first acid house wave in the end of the 80’s. But my real love to electronic music grows up in the early 90’s were one of my best friends „Aris“, with 17 years already worked as resident dj at the „Brainstorm“ on the Reeperbahn the red light district of Hamburg. .. ..In 1992/1993 the „Tunnel Club“ opened, where i met Sascha and Christian (later known as Bitmonx) the first time. Over many years we visited many parties together. In the beginning only in hamburg, but fast we realized that there was more and other interesting electronic music on parties in other cities. so we moved to parties like „The first Tribal Gathering in Munich@Airport/Riem“ and many times to the „Hanomag“ in Hannover where we got more changing Dj’s and Styles as in hamburg. Especially the Steve Masen Nights were our favourite... ..In 1993 i had my first contact to psytrance on a party at the 5thfloor of a warehouse in the south of hamburg. Many years later i met one of the organisers Marco – now a good friend of mine and one of the people of my crew, who takes care of the juice club today... ..In 1994, i was living with my flat mate Sascha aka Bitmonx and nowadays one part of „Haske & Johnson“, we start to spin vinyls and collect records. In the beginning all kinds of techno and trance music. But after a few years my focus went from techno and hardtrance over acidtrance more and more to the psychedelic trance, because there was the most progression developement in that time and of cause because of the energy and the people on that kind of parties... ..In the last years i talked with friends several times where we asked ourself: where is the spirit and why are the parties so different?.. ..I think one reason is that all the most of the people felt the same in that time, like a kind of shy’ness: .. ..„We all are new on this kind of parties, because it’s a total new thing. But we know, that this is only the beginning! Electronic Music has the power to change the world!“ .. ..Today the new generations are growing up with not countable styles of techno – it’s a normal, established thing. Not more a special thing for a small amount of knowing people... ..Back to my dj-life:.. ..In the beginning i never thought about to become a professional dj. Also as i start to organise parties in 1998 i never booked myself for playing. .. ..i’ll add a text with the history about my work as ov-silence party promoter and owner of the Traxx & Roxx Club as well as the Juice Club and ov-silence Records soon... ..After a few years and many parties later i got more and more invitations to play at small familiar parties. Now, over the years i played at many clubs and hugh festivals all over europe like VooV Experience, Fusion Festival, Tshitraka Project, Aurora Festival (Greece), L.I.F.E Festival (Ireland) or Arvika Festival in Sweden only to name a few... ..Cause off the long time while i’m into techno music i play different styles of trance and techno but always psychedelic. .. ..On the one hand i play minimal trance, electro and progressive techno and on the other i play from progressive over psytrance up to full on. I love it to combine different styles in my sets and the selection always depends on time and crowd... ..For booking request send me a mail!.. ..Boom, oli.

party history:
my work as party promoter started in 1998 with the first official party called "ov-silence". already one year later i started to organise my first weekly club party, every sunday at the juice club. the "ov-silence after hour club" was born. due to an excellent booking of already well known and new upcomming international artists of that time, within 5 weeks it mutated to the place to be for the goa and trance community of hamburg. the main hype was burning for two years and after 4 seasons we stopped this great chapter. also because of all the other projects which where born during that time.

in may 2000 we organised the first "Summer Opening OA" Party. A free day time open air party always on a hugh meadow next to the river "elbe" in the center of hamburg. since the second "Summer Opening OA" in 2002 we organised it every year, always on the second sunday in may. Over all the years this free open air party grows up to a hugh event, where the electronic music underground scene always celebrates the start of the new open air season, since 2007 on two floors and always more than 5000 crazy party people. next year for an unbelievable 12th time!

another project was the "ov-silence Open Air" once a year from 2000 until 2007, at changing locations all over north eastern germany. Always for a whole weekend, with an international line up on up to 3 floors, colourful decorations and guests from all over the world.


DJ Bim

Jeder der länger als 10 Jahre in der Scene ist und ihn nicht kennt :) sollte weiter schlafen.Für mich Persönlich einer unserer besten Djs der viel für die deutsche Scene geleistet hat auch was das ansehen im Ausland angeht.Ich weiß garnicht wo er noch nicht gespielt hat :) das sollte ich ihn ev mal fragen .
Auch menschlich eine tolle Person der gerade heraus sagt was
er denkt.Wir freuen uns ihn auf jeden fall wieder dabei zu haben und mit sicherheit wird er uns eines tages noch mit seinem Live Act Drukverdeler & DJ Bim beschallen.


Andreas Bim Bintsch hails from North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Ruhr Valley in Germany so it may be surprising to discover that he prescribes to a religious creed which is akin to the beliefs of the Native Americans, yet once you have had the privilege of experiencing the music he shares with the dance floor, your surprise will quickly turn to appreciation.
Although sometimes mistaken for a country, simply by virtue of it’s status amongst followers of Psytrance and also as a result of the huge number of international visitors the region enjoys, Goa is in fact India’s smallest province. It was here, in the early 1990’s, while on vacation that Bim fell under the Goa spell.
He was so taken in by his experiences that he returned to Germany, intent of exposing the globe to what was then still an emerging style of music. He has since dedicated himself to this end and today he is considered one of Goa’s most innovative and inspirational DJs.

His 23 year tryst with Psytrance has led him to embrace many of it’s subgenres, the result of which has been the formation of many relationships and connections that have fed the global community, most notably his collaborations with Drukverdeler. Nowadays though, his roots are currently firmly in place at Millennium Records / Yellow Sunshine Explosion which allows him to continue to grow the Goa market and it’s global reach.
During this time he has compiled more than 100 compilations for labels such as Midijum Records, Millennium, Sony Music, ID&T, Arcade, Time Warner, Universal, Nova Tekk and Beluga, totalling nearly than an incredible more as 100,000 units,
Although his sets are generally longer than most, they are intelligent and beautifully constructed offerings of fresh yet authentically Goan pieces that bind the dance floor in a colourful web of sound, intricately woven together in layers upon layers upon layers of psychedelic expressions. DJ Bim constructs a road map for the dance floor but does not dictate the direction. This journey is leaves up to the dance floor and once the route is chosen, it becomes a synergistic give and take between the DJ and crowd.

Für die , die nicht wissen wer Djane Anneli ist und was sie bisher für sich erreicht hat ein paar infos damit ihr wisst was euch erwartet.
Wir garantiere euch einen 2 Stundenflug vom feinsten :)

Bio : Anneli Djanneli Johansson

In August 1998 Anneli became the first female DJ touring Sweden, when she found that she could combine her passion for electronic music with work and began playing Acid-Techno at nightclubs in Sweden. Already in 1994 she discovered the electronic dance music in an underground Goatrance-party!

Now she plays Minimal Tech/Prog/Electro-House around 128 bpm or 140 bpm Psychedelic Trance, the style depends on the organizer's demands and of course on the people on the dancefloor. She believes that there is good music in every genre, it just takes time to find.

She is always looking for tracks 'that which is not played by others' combined with 'that which is different from the rest' using 'breaks that will surprise time and time again'. This open-minded and inovative thinking is one of her strengths as a DJ.

She is a real teaser in the sense of styles and structures and her sets can go everywhere. Focusing at the most important part of the DJ's job to please the dancefloor - to COMMUNICATE with the crowd - achieve an understanding of what they want to hear without exchanging a single word!

More than ten years later, this passion has made her one of the most well-known and requested female DJ's in Sweden, taken her around the globe playing at more than 800 gigs, in over 25 countries spread across 5 continents!!

In August 2006 Anneli joined the legendary psytrance label PHANTASM RECORDS and in May 2009 they released Anneli's own compilation - '10 Years of Communication' - to celebrate her 10th anniversary as a DJ! It included 'My Time' a track Anneli co-produced with Takashi and Isao (aka Indigo) in their studio in Japan!!!

She is sponsored by STANTON since 2007 and 2010 she became a member of the fast growing psytrance label NUTEK RECORDS with releases from Painkiller, A-Team, Mekkanikka, C.P.U. and more.

2010 she began working on a TECHNO/HOUSE PROJECT together with Alex Lazarevic (aka BPM). Prepare your ears for the attack of sounds from EarTillery!

The 12th December 2012 the compilation series of DESTINATION GOA released it's last edition ever: Destination Goa vol.12 - The Last Chapter. Anneli got the honor to compile and mix one of the two cd's, the other was mixed by the founder of the series, DJ Phoenix!

Neues Soundsystem im Gruenspan
Neue Line Array , doppelt so dick , wer den Sound der letzten kannte weiß wie gut die schon war.....Wartet ab , das ist ein neuer Maßstab.....Rums da Bums :)


Marco Venancio aka. Me is Art by UVenancio wird euch mit seiner Farbe verschönern.
Er hat tolle Farben parat und ist ein wahnsinnig guter Künstler.
Also schön viel freie Haut mit bringen.
Schaut doch mal auf seine Seite und holt euch schon mal kreative Ideen ein & nebenbei lasst ihr gleich ein like da.

►Fragen zum Eintrittsalter bitte den Link klicken, danke :)

http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/11016702txlshv8wjb.jpg ☣

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Große Freiheit 58, 22767
03 Februar , Samstag 22:00

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