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The Bollands (NZ)
Always on the road, New Zealand folk duo, The Bollands, have been singing their infectious foot-stomping folk songs since 2011. With their love of travel, music, good friends & fine wine, they have gained a reputation for their passion-filled live shows and heartfelt folk tunes. Their

energetic music stems from their upbringing in the folk and roots music scenes in small towns and folk clubs throughout New Zealand.

Christian, a hairy folk singer, met Joyce, the not so hairy pianist, at a campfire jam on a remote beach in their home country, New Zealand. They clicked instantly. Since that fate filled night, they have been playing their passion filled songs on the road throughout the world. For the past few years Joyce and Christian have been based in Hong Kong touring constantly.

Support: Jas Josland (NZ).
Jas has been touring quite a lot in Europe with just her guitar and amazing voice.

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Industriestrasse 37, 30900
03 August , Freitag 21:00

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