Warm-Up 5/5: Performance | Wishing Well


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Wishing Well

Created and performed by Ernestyna Orlowska & Tanja Turpeinen

Wishing Well is a choreographed piece about the comical side of melancholia and Justin Bieber's Philosophy: Follow your dreams and don't let anybody stop you. Tanja and Ernestyna

created two characters that remind the viewer of something between a fairy and a depressed plastic surgeon and they let them explore, what the comical side of melancholia could possibly be. Does that tension promising concept of melancholia that is comical even exist? They emerge together in the fields of healthy nutrition, friendship and the possibility of a real wishing well. Now all their dreams could come true, but how should they know what they should wish for?

Tanja and Ernestyna work with fragmented narration. They understand choreography and rhythm as the carrying element through the whole show. To compose the piece means for them to find the balance of obscurity and directness. They use choreography, text, and images as equal element


Gleis 5 is a series of events organized in cooperation of Kulturfabrik Löseke and transeuropa e. V. under the title "Warm-Up". It gathers several events dealing with the notion of "fluidity" from different disciplines and perspectives.

transeuropa is a european festival for performative arts taking place every three years in Hildesheim. The 9th edition will take place from the 24th - 27th of May 2018 and is called transeuropa fluid.

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Langer Garten 1, 31137
15 Januar , Montag 20:30

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